“La Petite Chambre”, de Stéphanie Chuat et Véronique Reymond

The name of the film is « The Little Room ». Véronique Reymond and Stéphanie Chuat wrote and made the film. The film was made in Switzerland in 2010. This is a psychological film.

The film takes place in Switzerland nowadays.

In this film, the principal characters are Rose, a young nurse and an old man, Edmond. Edmond lives in a flat alone and likes flowers. Rose is deeply unhappy because she had lost her baby in childbirth. Rose looks after Edmond but he dislikes her. Edmond’s son doesn’t want to leave his father alone and wants to bring him to a retirement home. Rose doesn’t like this idea. One day Edmond falls and has to go to a retirement home for a few weeks. Meanwhile his son’s empties the flat so his father doesn’t come back. Edmond stays in the retirement home 3 days and then he escapes. He goes back to his flat and together with Rose they find his flat empty. Edmond took only a photo of his wife. He has nowhere to go so Rose decides to take Edmond in her flat. Edmond’s son calls Rose for news of his father but Rose doesn’t tell the truth. One day when Rose went to work, Edmond left the flat and went to the mountain area called “Les Diablerets” because his wife had died there. Edmond dies there too, exhausted but happy.

Rose is no longer afraid to have a baby because her fears disappeared after talking with Edmond;  in the end of the film we can see Rose is pregnant.

In the film Michel Bouquet plays the role of Edmond and Florence Loiret Caille plays Rose.

The directors are Veronique Reymond and Stéphanie Chuat. They come from Lausanne, They are actresses, they do the theater, they play on TV and they write and mix genres. They say they have had problems during the making of the film but their friendship has become even stronger in the process.

There were some scenes that weren’t well-done because we can see that the Swiss actors aren’t as good as American actors, in my opinion.

I like the personality of Edmond as it is presented in the film. I like his independence and his pride.

Rose: Florence Loiret Caille for me is a bad actress, she plays badly. I dislike her.

This story touched me because Edmond wanted nothing from others when he was ill. However, when people are old they refuse help but they should not do it. Old generations and young generations need to help each other.

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