“The Little Room”, by Stéphanie Chuat and Véronique Reymond

The title of the film is « The Little Room ». The film was written and made by Véronique Reymond and Stéphanie Chuat. The film was made in Swizerland in 2010. The film tells about a nurse who looks after the elderly. It takes place in Swizerland at present. At the beginning of this story, Rose, a young woman who looks after old persons doesn’t look very happy. Later we learn it is because her baby, a year ago, was stillborn. The other main character’s name is Edmond and he is retired, he lives alone in his flat but he needs help, and that’s how he got to know Rose the nurse.

Rose tries to be nice with Edmond but he is old and he just wants her to leave. One day Rose came in Edmond’s flat but the old man was lying on the ground unconscious. Rose brought him to hospital, as he had a heart attack. Then he had to go to a retirement home, because he needed some rest One morning, Edmond wanted to go back to his flat but his son sold all his possessions. Edmond took only a picture of his wife, it was his favorite picture of her in the mountains. Without hesitation Rose took Edmond to her flat because he had nowhere else to go. When Rose tells Edmond that her baby was stillborn, he becames nicer with Rose. It is a beginning of a friendship Edmond looked happy in Rose’s flat. But one day he escaped. Rose and her boyfriend Marc immediately searched Edmond everywhere He was on the way to the Diablerets mountains. Because they knew that Edmond liked the mountains, they decided to go there to look for him. However, Edmond dies in the mountains but somehow he said goodbye to his wife and to his life. A few months later Rose was pregnant again.

The actors are : Michel Bouquet he plays Edmond, I think that he played well and that he is a good actor. Florence Loiret Caille plays Rose, she looks very sad in the film but I think that she played well. Both directors live in Lausanne. They are actresses, and they also play in the theatre. The story is sad but it shows many things of the real life. The message of the film is that friendship is very important, and that the old people will always have something to tell to younger people.

Timothy M., ESTER La Chaux-de-Fonds

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