“The Little Room”, by Stéphanie Chuat and Véronique Reymond

Two young directors, Stéphanie Chuat and Véronique Reymond made the movie « The Little Room » in Switzerland in 2010. It is a psychological film.

The action takes place in Switzerland at present.

Rose is a nurse and she goes to Edmond’s home to look after him. One day he faints and his son puts Edmond in the retirement home but he doesn’t like it. Rose’s boss puts her on sick leave because she is too friendly with Edmond and she quarrels with her husband about a baby’s room. Rose is seeing Edmond and they go in the Edmond’s house but it’s empty because his son has taken the furniture. He takes a picture of his wife and they go to Rose’s house. Rose’s husband is in the USA for his job. One day Edmond plays with  Rose’s nephews and he discovers the baby’s room and he sees the pictures of Rose but when she’s pregnant….but there is no baby! Edmond understands that Rose had a stillborn baby. They speak about it and she feels better. Rose’s husband comes and they see in the newspapers a notice of a missing person (Edmond). They come in the house but Edmond isn’t here. They think that Edmond is in the Diablerets because of the photo of his wife is in the mountains there. They go there fast but Edmond is already dead. Nine months later Rose has a baby and she receives the last photos of Edmond from his son.

Michel Bouquet plays Edmond, Florence Loiret Caille plays Rose and Eric Caravaca plays Marc (Rose’s husband)

Véronique Reymond and Stéphanie Chuat were born in Lausanne. They were trained as actresses. They write scripts. During the filming, they had quarrels but “their friendship is stronger”.

My opinion is that the directors’ work could be better because I think  there is not a lot of action, yet the actors play very well.The story is excellent because it is about friendship between two people who have almost nothing in common, the message is that elderly people can help the young and vice versa.

Stéphanie, 2DC2, ESTER, La Chaux-de-Fonds

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