“Vincere”, by Marco Bellocchio

Vincere, the film directed by Italian director Marco Bellocchio, is about Fascism in Italy and the madness and confusion citizens were driven to at this particular time of European history.

However, it is not only a documentary about the rise of an oppressing system, for it also shows a very personal and intimate part of Musolini’s life. Ida Dasler, one of his lovers, strongly believes in him and they have a child together although Mussolini is already married and father. Because of this, the Duce harshly abondons her. A scene of the movie displays a mariage between Ida and him, but the film leaves it open for interpretation whether such a ceremony  ever existed or if it is all Ida’s dream.

The film starts with several love scenes, where you cannot avoid noticing the acting abilities of the talented cast. Giovanna Mezzogiorno as Ida Dalser and Fillippo Timi as Musollini make the audience feel the real passion. As the story unfolds, we are taken by the rest of the actors into a mental hospital, where one can see but also feel the unfair and horrible conditions the patients have to endure. With very few conversations between the actors true emotions and affliction are pitilessly delivered to the spectators.

The costumes, setting and locations also help in giving the real impression of how it was in the 1930’s. As well, going to the cinema and watching short movies as Ida and others do in Vincere, is another example of representing the culture and the interests at that time.

In addition, the direction and montage is very artistic and original. The transition between historical  black and white original footages and Bellocchio‘s fictional images are made in a very fine way, and the effect gives this true life story the face of a documentary.

Finally, the music by Carlo Crivelli is an aspect to be criticised for, in a few scenes, I personally lacked music in the background. Music shows the emotions and moves the audience especially since the dialogues were limited.

To conclude, Vincere is a great example of a low budget film (Bellocchio is his own producer) that is still successful because of its original ideas and the talent of the production team and actors.

Rabelle Ramez, high school student, Egypt

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